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AHSAA Instant Replay Resulted in 25% of Challenges Being Reversed

   MONTGOMERY – The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) Instant Replay program designed and administered by DVSport concluded its first season with the Super 7 State Championships at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Twelve challenges were made by teams in the seven championship games with four calls overturned and one other reversal was administered based on an automatic review of a scoring play for a 38.5% reversal rate. All scoring plays and potential scoring plays were reviewed automatically by the reviewed in the championship games.
    For the year, DVSport Instant Replay was utilized by 96 different schools in 103 games for a total of 203 opportunities. The final tally showed 96 challenges and 23 calls on the field overturned – a percentage of 25.0%.
    District 5 had 21 schools use Instant Replay and District 8 had 18. All districts had teams participate in games with Instant Replay. Class 6A had 24 schools participate in at least one contest using Instant Replay and Class 7A had 23 of it 32 teams participate.
   AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese and AHSAA former Director of Officials Greg Brewer began working on implement ting Instant Replay in 2013 – when NFHS rules changed to allow the technology on the sideline for the coaches. The National Federation State High School Associations (NFHS) granted permission to the AHSAA to experiment with instant replay for a beginning with the 2018 season. The AHSAA, thanks in big part to the leadership of current Director of Officials Mark Jones, partnered with DVSport to implement instant replay in the regular season as well as post season play. DVSport equipment is required in Alabama for instant replay.
     “Our first year of the experiment exceeded our expectations,” Jones said. “It was demonstrated that instant replay can work with the limited camera angles we have available.  Most games usually two camera angles: one from the sideline (press box) and the other from the end zone.”
     Jones said that during the state championships, the AHSAA was able to utilize the same equipment used by Auburn University during its home games. That equipment is also provided by DVSports. That allowed a review of all scoring or potential scoring plays from the booth without requiring a challenge by either coach. 
   “Forward progress or spot of the ball was reversed three times at the Super 7,” Jones said. There was a fumble call that was reversed to an incomplete pass along with one touchdown pass reversed to an incomplete pass upon review. Spotting of the ball was challenged six times, fumbles were challenged 4 times, and incomplete passes 2 times.”
    The AHSAA also had the opportunity to demonstrate Instant Replay to the nation via one nationally televised game on ESPN and through numerous games live-streamed by the NFHS Network.
   “The use of instant replay had insignificant impact on the length of the games,” Jones added. “Average replays took between 90 seconds to two minutes to review.”
    Jones said that three times during the season a touchdown pass or incomplete pass in the end zone were overturned. Fumbles and forward progress made up 70 percent of the challenges. Others included: backward passes, breaking the goal-line plane, touching, out-of-bounds spots and player ejection.





District Exposure Breakdown                                
District                       Schools           Opportunities
D-1                              16                    29
D-2                                3                      3

D-3                              11                    15
D-4                                9                    39
D-5                              21                    39
D-6                               6                    17       
D-7                              11                    21
D-8                              18                    39
Out-of-State                  1                      1
TOTAL                      96                  203


Class Exposure Breakdown                        
Class                          Schools           Opportunities
1A                                   7                  13
2A                                   3                    4

3A                                  8                  14
4A                                 16                  26
5A                                 14                  29
6A                                 24                  52       
7A                                 23                  64
Out-of-State                    1                    1
TOTAL                        96                203

                (*-state championship game)

Class 1A                     District            Games
Hackleburg                  D-7                  6
Hubbertville                D-7                  1
Linden                         D-3                  1*
Mars Hill Bible           D-7                  1*
Phillips                        D-7                  1
Sweet Water                D-3                  2
Waterloo                     D-7                  1
Class 2A                     District            Games
Fyffe                           D-8                  1*
Luverne                       D-2                  1*       
Tanner                         D-8                  2
Class 3A                     District            Games
Bayside Academy       D-1                  1
Excel                           D-1                  1
Flomaton                     D-1                  2*
Hanceville                   D-8                  1
Phil Campbell             D-7                  1
Piedmont                     D-6                  1*
Pike County                D-2                  1
Thomasville                D-1                  6
Class 4A                     District            Games
B.T. Washington         D-4                  1
Clarke County             D-1                  1

Cordova                      D-5                  1

Deshler                        D-7                  1*
Elmore County           D-4                  1
Good Hope                  D-8                  6         
Haleyville                    D-7                  1         
Handley                      D-6                  5
Jacksonville                 D-6                  1
Leeds                          D-5                  1         
Oak Grove                  D-5                  1
Rogers                         D-7                  2
Sumter Central            D-3                  1
Trinity Presbyterian    D-3                  1
UMS-Wright               D-1                  1*
West Limestone          D-8                  1
Class 5A                     District            Games
Ardmore                      D-8                  1
Boaz                            D-8                  1
Brewer                        D-8                  1
Central-Clay County  D-6                  3*
Corner                         D-5                  1         
East Limestone           D-8                  9
Guntersville                 D-8                  1
Jackson                        D-1                  1
Jasper                          D-5                  1
Lawrence County       D-7                  5
Madison Academy      D-8                  1
Vigor                           D-1                  2*       
West Point                  D-8                  1

Wilcox Central            D-3                  1
Class 6A                     District            Games
Athens                         D-8                  1
Benjamin Russell        D-4                  2
Buckhorn                    D-8                  1
Calera                          D-5                  1
Carver-Montgomery   D-3                  1
Daphne                        D-1                  1
Decatur                       D-8                  4
Helena                         D-5                  1
Huffman                     D-5                  1         
Jackson-Olin               D-5                  1
Minor                          D-5                  2
Northridge                  D-5                  1
Opelika                       D-4                  8
Oxford                        D-6                  6

Park Crossing              D-3                  2
Pell City                      D-6                  1

Pelham                                    D-5                  5
Pinson Valley              D-5                  2*
Saraland                      D-1                  1*       
Selma                          D-3                  1
Shades Valley             D-5                  1
Stanhope Elmore         D-4                  1
St. Paul’s Episcopal    D-1                  1
Wetumpka                   D-4                  6
Class 7A                     District            Games
Alma Bryant               D-1                  1
Auburn                        D-4                  10
Austin                         D-8                  4
Baker                           D-1                  5
Central-Phenix City    D-4                  9*
Enterprise                    D-2                  1
Fairhope                      D-1                  2
Florence                      D-7                  1
Hewitt-Trussville        D-5                  2
Hoover                                    D-5                  1
James Clemens           D-8                  2
Jeff Davis                    D-3                  1
Lee-Montgomery        D-3                  3         
Mary Montgomery      D-1                  1
McGill-Toolen             D-1                  2
Mountain Brook          D-5                  1
Oak Mountain             D-5                  2
Prattville                      D-3                  1
Smiths Station            D-4                  1
Spain Park                   D-5                  1
Sparkman                    D-8                  1
Thompson                   D-5                  9*
Vestavia Hills              D-5                  3
Meridian (MS)            NA                  1

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