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Local Association Contacts and Information Form: Click Here and Email back to Vanda Peppers at or Ken Washington at

AHSAA Central Board Approves New Officials Fees


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This link will take you to the page where the school search box is located.  Just input the school name in the search box and the school's administrators, phone numbers, and address are located.

Interested In Becoming An Official?

  If you are interested in becoming an AHSAA official in the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Track, Volleyball or Wrestling, feel free to contact either Mark Jones, Ken Washington or Vanda Peppers at the AHSAA office.  The phone number is 334-263-6994.  Email addresses are:,, or

Application and Registration Process

     All officials with the AHSAA must go to arbiter sports to register in each sport you plan to officiate with the AHSAA. You then contact a local association and express your interest in joining their organization.  You must be a member of a local association in each sport you officiate.  

Link to Local Associations and their contact information: 


     You will then be required to pass (80 or better) a registration exam in order to be cleared to officiate each sport.  In order to complete the registration process and be eligible to officiate AHSAA member school contests, you must make a passing score of 80 on this exam.  In order to complete the registration process and be eligible to officiate AHSAA member school contests as a Restricted official, you must make a passing score of 70 on this exam.  If you have any further questions about this information, please call us at 334-263-6994.

High School Class Student Registration Process for AHSAA Restricted Officiating

Application and Registration Process (While Taking The High School Officiating Class) All students who are interested in officiating with the AHSAA while taking the course will need to inform the course teacher. The teacher will notify the AHSAA and send in a roster to the AHSAA. The roster will need to include: Student’s Name, Age, Sport Interested In and Local Association Name. The AHSAA will begin the Registration process working with the teacher, students and the local association. If you have any questions about this information, please call us at 334-263-6994.


List of Participating Schools

Officiating Training Materials

HS Officiating Class Summary Document
Textbooks Order Form

Summer Training Schedule for Teachers

2015-16 Course Talking Points

Interested in Becoming an Official?

General "All Sports"
AHSAA Officials Class

2003 NFHS Baseball Rules
2005 NFHS Baseball Rules
2006 Baseball Camp Unusual Situations
2006 NFHS Baseball Rules
2007 NFHS Baseball Rules
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2010 NFHS Baseball Rules
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2016 Umpire Manual

3 Man Umpire Part 1

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2003-04 NFHS Basketball Rules

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2004 NFHS Football Rules

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2005 NFHS Softball Rules

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2011 NFHS Softball Rules

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2016 NFHS Softball Rules


2007 NFHS Track Rules

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2010 NFHS Track Rules

2011 NFHS Track Rules

2013 NFHS Track Rules

2014 NFHS Track Rules

2015 NFHS Track Rules



2003-04 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2004-05 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2005-06 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2006-07 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2007-08 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2008-09 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2009-10 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2010-11 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2011-12 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2012-13 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2013-14 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2014-15 NFHS Volleyball Rules

2015-16 NFHS Volleyball Rules

AHSAA HS Class VB The Art of Officiating

AHSAA HS Class VB Back Row Attack

AHSAA HS Class VB Ball Handling

AHSAA HS Class VB Line Judging

AHSAA HS Class VB Officiating Philosophy

AHSAA HS Class VB Scorekeeping


2003-04 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2004-05 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2005-06 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2006-07 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2007-08 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2008-09 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2009-10 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2010-11 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2011-12 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2012-13 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2013-14 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2014-15 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2015-16 NFHS Wrestling Rules

2015 Arizona Football Officials Training videos.

Unnecessary Contact



Line of Scrimmage

Down, Fumble, Progress, and Goal Line 





Dissinger Reed is proud to provide insurance and risk management for the NFHS Officials Association. With over 34 years of insurance experience for governing organizations and high school associations, Dissinger Reed understands the unique special risks involved with the NFHS and its members. The NFHS and Dissinger Reed have specifically designed an insurance plan to cover Officials and all registered member Associations. Plan details are as follows:



As a member of the National Federation of High Schools Officials Association, you are provided with an insurance package which includes, General Liability, Accident Medical and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. This insurance package is provided to you as part of your membership dues. There is no additional fee.



    All officials currently registered with a member state association, or with an affiliate of the NFHS (if that association registers officials and if that association registers for NFHS insurance benefits)

    State and local officials’ associations who have 100% membership in the NFHS Officials Association.

    Assignors, instructors and rule interpreters who are currently registered with the NFOA are covered under the Liability Policy for claims involving bodily injury and property damage. There is no coverage under the Liability Policy for any other type of claim.




    Insurance coverage applies while the member is performing his/her officiating duties during a regularly scheduled sports or activity competition.

    The sport or activity must be recognized in that state by the member state high school association or by high schools that follow the state association guidelines.

    If the sport is recognized by the state high school association for men or women, the official will be covered for officiating that sport for both men and women.

    Officiating duties include chain crews and attending officiating camps, clinics and meetings.

    Coverage for officials extends, not only to high school activities, but also to college, independent youth, adult and recreational leagues. However, coverage is still limited only to sports recognized by the state high school association.

    Accident medical coverage only for direct travel to and from a covered activity. No general liability coverage.




    General Aggregate Limit – $5,000,000

    Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $5,000,000

    Each Occurrence Limit $2,000,000

    Personal & Advertising Injury Limit $2,000,000

    Damage to Premises Rented to You $300,000

    Premises Medical Payments $5,000

    Sexual Abuse & Molestation – Each Occurrence $1,000,000

    Sexual Abuse & Molestation – Aggregate $2,000,000

    Participant Legal Liability $2,000,000

    Crisis Response – Each Event/Aggregate $25,000


Insurance Company Information: Everest National Insurance Company. AM Best’s Rating – A (Excellent)



    Maximum Benefit $50,000

    Deductible $250

    Maximum Dental Limit Included in Medical Max

    Heart & Circulatory Maximum Benefit $2,500

    Heart & Circulatory Malfunction Benefit 10%

    Physical Therapy/Chiropractic – per visit $50

    Physical Therapy/Chiropractic – Maximum per Injury $2,000

    Durable Medical Equipment – Maximum per Injury $1,000

    Outpatient Prescriptions – Maximum per Injury $1,000

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit $2,500


Insurance Company Information: United States Fire Insurance Company, AM Best’s Rating – A (Excellent)


These benefit summaries are for illustration purposes only. For a list of policies provisions, as well as exclusions, please see the full policy.



Many officials are required to show proof of liability insurance in order to perform their duties as an official. By clicking here you will be able to request a current certificate of liability insurance that, in conjunction with your current NFHS membership, will demonstrate that you are covered by the NFHS Insurance program.



Dissinger Reed

8700 Indian Creek Pkwy, STE 320

Overland Park, KS 66210

toll-free: 800-386-9183

tel: 913-491-6385

fax: 913-491-0527



Christian Reed – President

Max Biggerstaff – Account Executive

Mindee Blount – Business Development

Claims Questions: please call 800-386-9183 and speak with Max Biggerstaff.

Please Note: For Membership questions, please call the NFHS directly at (317) 972-6900.