AHSAA Number of Baseball Games Allowed- 2017
(Recommended by the AHSAA Baseball Coaches Committee and approved by the Central Board of Control, Oct. 21, 2015)


Number of Games Allowed-- Voted unanimously by the AHSAA Baseball Committee.

This baseball committee recommends the following number of Varsity baseball games allowed per season:

1A-6A-- 28 games, excluding “Spring Break” games, for an 8 week season and requests

7A-- 32 games, excluding “Spring Break” games, for a 9 week season


Non-Varsity (JV/Junior High/Middle School) games:

All Classes - 24 games, excluding “Spring Break” games, for an 8 week season


Rules Updates & Clarifications


TRANSFER RULE  A student is eligible in the school zone in which his/her parents reside. Any student who completes one year's attendance at a school outside his/her home school zone and fulfills all other requirements becomes eligible in that school. (This does not apply to foreign exchange students.)
     A student whose parents make a bona fide move completely from one school zone into another may transfer all his/her rights and privileges to the member school that serves the area where the parents reside.






Mark Jones and Jamie Lee - Directors
mjones@ahsaa.com or jlee@ahsaa.com


2018 Season

State Championships:

1A | 2A | 3A | 4A | 5A | 6A | 7A

Standings: (Does not include tie-breakers)
1A | 2A | 3A | 4A | 5A | 6A | 7A

Playoff Report Form

Playoff Score Report Form

Regular Season:

OPCR Overview

Quick Dates, Facts


2018 Season
Jan. 8--Throwing Only
Jan. 15--Schedules Due

Jan. 29—First Team Practice
Feb. 19--First Contest
April 14--Last Date For Area Game (1A-6A)
April 21--Last Day For Area Game (7A)
April 16—Classes 1A-6A Report Qualifiers (by 10 am)
April 23—Class 7A Reports Qualifiers (by 10 a.m.)

March 24--North-South Nominations Due

2018 Playoffs
April 20-21--1st Round (1A-6A)
April 27-28--2nd Round & 1st Round (7A)
May 4-5--3rd Round
May 11-12--Semi-Finals (1A-7A)
May 15-19--State Finals (Montgomery)

2018 Season
Jan. 8--Throwing Only
Jan. 29--First Team Practice
Feb. 19--First Contest

Apr. 19--End Of Season
Contests Allowed: 24


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